The FutureEUAqua project is investigating carrying capacity issues in waterbodies with multiple farms growing organisms of different trophic levels. At the end of the Altanet.Info workshop, we will be offering participants the opportunity to participate in a focus group to discuss these issues. The topics proposed include:

  • Environmental, in particular nutrient balances;
  • Economic, in particular synergies between different types of farms;
  • Regulatory, in particular the challenges to introducing or expanding basin-level management; and
  • Scientific, in particular evidence on carrying capacity and knowledge gaps that need to be filled to enable a basin level approach.

You are also welcome to add topics.
As part of the research, we are also conducting a survey that you are welcome to participate in and share with colleagues. Access the questionnaire:

Time:  14:00, 26 Jan 2023
Facilitators:  Dror Angel, Shirra Freeman
Contact for further information:

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