FutureEUAqua Webinar – 09 February 2023

Jon Barlow – Wageningen Economic Research

The energy price shock and European aquaculture farmers

FutureEUAqua Webinar – 04 March 2022

Elena Mente -University of Thessaly and Aristotle University of Thessaloniki Greece

Understanding the ways of utilisation of sustainable innovative tailor-made diets in farmed fish

FutureEUAqua Webinar – 23 February 2022

The EU aquaculture policy and progress in European countries to ensure area access and aquaculture growth

presented by Ingrid Kvalvik (Nofima)

FEA Stakeholder webinar 23 February 2022 Regulation

FutureEUAqua Webinar – 2 June 2021

Sustainable breeding of important European aquaculture species 

presented by Anne Helena Kettunen (Nofima)

FutureEUAqua Webinar – 2 June 2021

Climate change resilience through assessment of GxE A. salmon

Presented by Binyam Sime Dagnachew (Nofima)

FutureEUAqua Webinar – 24 March 2021

Eco-label experiments & communication strategies to increase consumer awareness about aquaculture

Presented by Dr. Themistoklis Altintzoglou (Nofima) & Dr. Raffaele Zanoli (Università Politecnica delle Marche).

Presentation: FEA_3rd webinar_Themistoklis Altintzoglou

Presentation: FEA_3rd webinar_Raffaele Zanoli 

FutureEUAqua Webinar – 25th February 2021

How Internet of Things can enhance aquaculture farms productivity and ensure sustainability?

with presentation by Dr. Sébastien Alfonso (COISPA Tecnologia & Ricerca)

  • Webinar objective: To learn about the potential of the Internet of Things (IoT) to address the challenges of a sustainable and resilient aquaculture system.
  • About the webinar: 1 hour event dedicated to the members of the Stakeholder Platform. 45 minutes presentation and 15 minutes Q&A session with experts.



FutureEUAqua Webinar- 10th September 2020

FutureEUAqua has started 1,5 years ago and now it is time to share some of our achievements with you. The presenter of the webinar will be our Coordinator, Åsa Maria O. Espmark (Nofima).
After the presentation, there will be a Q&A session, where you can raise your questions or share your feedback with us.



Aquaculture Europe 2020: The Blue and Green-12-15 April 2021, Cork, Ireland (DIGITAL)

Aquaculture can take the lead in the Blue – Green Bio-Economy and is well placed to lead by example with new technologies such as land-based marine aquaponics, large-scale recirculating marine farms and innovative, integrated freshwater initiatives on brown field sites. When it comes to having a societal impact, recent re-search has shown that aquaculture products, from sea-weed to salmon, should be included as part of a bal-anced diet from the first 1000 days right through to pro-moting healthy ageing.

This digital conference will bring together stakeholders from many diverse disciplines to discuss and debate cross cut-ting issues such as new circular economies, life-long health and environmentally sustainable production.