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Results from Seafood Consumer study by MSC

Every two years, the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) conducts a large worldwide seafood consumer survey (over 25,000 consumers in 23 markets) through an independent research consultancy.

The webinar and the pdf on the European findings are available here (scroll down a bit).

You can re-watch the webinar and delve into the seafood consumer study to understand what (some) consumers think and expect.

FutureEUAqua featured in EAS podcast episode

In this EAS podcast from 3 April, Tamás Bardócz (AquaBioTech Group, Malta), Åsa Maria O. Espmark (NOFIMA, Norway), and Antti Kause (Luke, Finland) discuss the latest developments in the interacting fields of digital information technology, genomics and circular economy applied in farm management and monitoring, fish nutrition, feeding and selective breeding. These topics are developed together with the industry and researchers in the three Horizon 2020 EU-projects, AquaIMPACT, FutureEUAqua and iFishIENCi, funded under the topic ‘Sustainable European Aquaculture 4.0: Nutrition and Breeding Innovations’.

FutureEUaqua General Assembly

FutureEUAqua video by Elena Mente


On 9 October 2019, at the European Aquaculture Society (EAS) conference in Berlin (  FutureEUAqua, AquaIMPACT  and iFishIENCi  will hold a joint half-day session. All three projects will provide an overview on their activities and some of the results available so far. The joint session will highlight the synergies and complementarity between the projects. 

When: 9 October 2019

EAS session: Sustainable European aquaculture 4.0: nutrition and breeding innovations


  • AquaIMPACT – genomic and nutritional innovations for genetically superior farmed fish
  • Development of fish feeds and feeding strategies for genetically superior fish from breeding programs
  • The impact of genomic selection in commercial breeding programs for four important species in European aquaculture


  • iFishIENCi – general overview
  • Concept paper on Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)
  • Concept paper on data modeling for aquaculture (to be confirmed)


  • FutureEUAqua – future growth in sustainable, resilient and climate friendly organic and conventional European aquaculture
  • Feed and nutrition in organic aquaculture
  • Power calculations for optimisation of the experimental design to detect g x e: salmon experiments in FuturEUAqua
  • The role of internet of things for healthy fish and environment in the European aquaculture